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By M. Julia - 18:06

[Disclaimer]: Jolse was looking for testers to test these 4 masks and I was one of the 20 winners. This entry is sponsored, but doesn't change my opinion. 

I received these 4 masks to test from Jolse, I thought about doing a review per mask, but decided to test the 4 and make only one review with the 4 types since I got them at the same time and they're from the same 'line' of this brand.

As you can see, the package emulates an instafeed, with their hashtags and likes, it's very creative. The drawings are good although some of them are a bit creepy lol
There are 4 types: soothing, lifting, moisturizing and revitalizing. They announce them as horse oil masks, although it's listed as the last ingredient so they don't have that much. If you don't like that ingredient, then don't purchase this (a few of their main ingredients are water, glycerin, niacinamide, castor oil, centella asiatica...). Horse oil is similar to human sebum and it's been used in Asia for ages, it's well known for its medicinal uses.

First of all, no, you're not killing horses to be able to use this mask. Off topic since it's not about the masks but horse oil, horse meat is consumed in some countries and as they do with other animals, everything is used (yes, even in meds).. In this case the use the oil for cosmetic (and meds). If you want more information, check this .

Let's see the masks!

Vitality mask

This one has a strong fragance, it kind of reminds me of candy. I didn't like the fragance of this mask. It's an essence type, the essence is thick and sticky. The mask is thin and didn't fit very well on my face (I have a small head). It leaves the skin sticky and doesn't absorb quickly like other masks. The skin looks bright afterwards. I used this mask at 3 pm and I still felt the stickiness at 12 pm when I went to wash my face before going to sleep. It left a residue on my face. Next morning my face still looked good. The only thing I didn't like was the fragance.

Soothing mask

The soothing mask has a more pleasant smell. The fabric of the mask is different from the Vitality mask and it comes really soaked in essence! It smeels good and when you apply the mask you feel a cooling sensation which I loved (due to menthol). It contains centella asiatica, which is really good for troubled skin. It relaxed me and I think that this would be really good to use in summer. The mask fitted better. I kept the essence in a travelling jar and used it the following days. My skin looked calm after using it and within the next days, the pimples I had dissapeared (maybe because I still used the essence?).

Moisture mask

The smell of this one is also good, and again the fabric of the mask is different. Each mask has a different kind of fabric. I've never seen something like this, the Tony Moly masks are the same, the only thing that changes is the kind of essence (thick, watery...). This didn't fit very well in my face, and I also kept the essence and used it other days. I'm having some pimples near the nose that don't want to dissapear so I'm using Peroxiben, which dryes my skin a lot. This mask helped me to moisture that area, I used it at 10 pm, next morning I didn't have the dry patch!

Lifting mask

This mask won't do much on a 20 year old girl skin, and I doubt you'd notice any change even if you have mature skin (unless you use it 3 times per week I guess). It was nice to use it and relax for 30 minutes before going to bed. I have insomnia and I've noticed that when I use a mask and relax for 30 minutes before sleeping, I fall asleep faster. Maybe I'm just too stressed haha. Like I did with the others, I kept the essence. It comes a lot and it would be sad to throw it away! Oh and this one has the best fragance. It contains aloe so even if you don't need a lifting, this would be good to calm a sunburn.

I didn't have any breakout after using the masks, in fact my skin looks more healthy, it looks better! I highly recommend them~ You can purchase them individually for $2.55 at Jolse or buy a pack of ten for $25.50, if you want one from each type, you can buy a pack for $10.20 HERE

Thank you Jolse for chosing me as one of the 20 testers!

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